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Below is some of the recent work that we completed in the last 90 days.

Logo & Business Card Design - Amanda Howell Agency - Murfreesboro, TN

Designed logo as well as business card design for Amana Howell Agency.  Printed 1K matte business cards.

logo concept 1 (1)
amanda howell Business Card
amanda howell Business Card (1)

Display Ad Design - Rudy Professional Services - Smyrna, TN

Designed (16) ad designs for display ads that will start running at customer-chosen locations in mid-March 2024 running for 12 weeks.

adrudy professional services (600 x 600 px)
320x240 ad rudy professional services (1)
300x600 ad rudy professional services

Display Ad Design - Victory Events Wedding Expo - Tullahoma, TN

Designed (16) ad designs for display ads for the upcoming Wedding Expo in Murfreesboro in April 2024.

wedding expo ad (400 x 300 px)
wedding expo ad (480 x 480 px)
300x600 ad rudy professional services

Postcards, Magnets, Yard Signs & Banner Ad Design - Smyrna Youth Basketball - Smyrna, TN

Designed & Printed 15K postcards, Yards Signs, Door Magnets as well as their sponsor banners.

white_door_sign (1)

Display Ad Design - Campyi - Smyrna, TN

Designed (16) ad designs for display ads that are currently running to help promote their summer camp in all Rutherford, Wilson, and Williamson County schools.

600 x 600 px campyi ad
300 x 250 px campyi ad
120 x 600 px campyi ad
320 x 320 px campyi ad

Postcard Ad Design - Campyi - Smyrna, TN

Designed a 5x7 inch high gloss postcard flyer for their summer camp and printed 15K for Rutherford County Schools and (500) for Williamson County Schools.

Rutherford County
wiliamson county
rutherford county back

Web Design & Graphic Design + Printing - Bogle Construction - Murfreesboro, TN

Designed Logo, Website, Brochures, (16) Display Ads, Yard signs, and property management brochure.  Printed all items for Bogle Construction as well.

bogleConstruction.com (1)
300x225_ad_bogle_construction (1)

Yard Sign Design + Printing - Terra Firma - Murfreesboro, TN

Designed custom yard sign as well as printed for Terra Firma Land Management.


Yard Sign Design & Postcard + Printing - Stewarts Creek Youth Football & Cheer - Smyrna, TN

Designed & printed 18x24 inch custom yard signs as well as 4x6 inch high gloss postcards.

968456 Stewarts Creek E-Flyer_4.5x6
968456 Stewarts Creek E-Flyer_4.5x6

Magnet, Banner Business Card & Counter Card Design + Printing - Streak n Shake - Murfreesboro, TN

Designed & printed large outdoor banners, magnets, business cards, as well as counter cards.


Cups, Yard Sign, Notepads & Brochure Design + Printing - MBM Pressure Washing - Ashland City, TN

Designed custom cup designs, brochures, notepads, and yard signs as well as printed for MBM Pressure Washing.  Printed 500 8.5x11 postcards, 500 cups, 500 sets of 3x3 inch notepads and 24x36 inch yard signs.

mbm pro wash Pressure Washing Service Flyer (1)
CAUTION24x36yardsign_newlogostyle (1)
mbm pro wash Pressure Washing Service Flyer (2)

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